Roof Cleaning, Roof Repairs and Roof Coating in Worcester 

Although Worcestershire is largely a rural county, homeowners in the area are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of having their roof cleaned, small repairs undertaken if necessary and then sealed or roof coating applied. 

Smartseal Roof Coating is available in a variety of colours which can allow you to subtlely or completely change your roof colour. These new technology Elastomeric roof coatings are formulated with the highest quality pigments available, meaning that they don't fade in UV light, are water repellent and are "flexible" which allows the tiles to expand and contract as they naturally do in response to heat and cold. If coatings are applied which don't have this feature, it can make the tiles prone to cracking.

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All repairs are carried out by the contractor and his team as they have extensive experience of all types of roof repairs. The repairs to homes in Worcestershire are not carried out without full approval of the customer particularly those works required over and above those included in the original quotation. Find Out More

Some benefits of the roof coatings and roof sealers are listed below:


• Can make your roof tiles look like new.

• Slows down the growth of moss, lichen and algae on roof tiles.

• Makes the tiles waterproof, preventing water ingress.

• Specially formulated and made in the UK for our climate and weather conditions.

• Allows tiles to "flex" naturally with heat and cold.

• Add kerb appeal and potentially significant value to your home.

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Working from the apex down to the gutters each and every tile is thoroughly cleaned with all moss, algae and airborne dirt that has accumulated fully removed. This process is continued until the whole roof structure has been pressure washed clean. Find Out More
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